About us


Our Quality. Excellence. Effectiveness and Efficiency

As exporter of world-class different organic Ethiopian Products, we understand the need for the highest standards of quality and regulatory requirements which includes flawless packaging.
Above all we maintain the most competitive Price line offered to our clients globally. Please refer to our comprehensive list of products attached herewith. Our range of products in spices include Turmeric, cardamom, Cumin, Dry ginger, Red Chilly, cereals of Soybean, haricot bean, fabsbean, our fruits & Vegetables Avocado, Mango, lemon, Potato, Tomato ,Onion, garlic our organic Arabica Coffee of different region with different test etc., all available in whole as well as Powder, Fresh or Dry form.

We believe in Quality

Quality, Location, Pricing

To maintain highest standards of quality of the products manufactured at Ema, we use raw material of finest quality which are 100 percent free from any artificial colors and pesticides. Our company has a personalized infrastructural array to conduct regular Market surveys; analyze market trends and consumer choices, which facilitate in bringing about further innovation and improvement in the quality of our produce. Our suppliers have own warehouses close to the cultivation area, so we can easily monitor and procure the material.
Since suppliers directly purchasing from the farmers, storing in their warehouse/ logistics department, so that we can offer you with a reasonable Price